Episode #132: Building the Plane While Flying It with Jennifer Hazan

Jun 03, 2021

This week, I’m sitting down with Jennifer Hazan, Mamas & Co. member and founder of Cam & Leo’s Emotion School.


Jenny started with the Mamas & Co. community with just an idea and the drive to get it done. 6 months on, she’s created a rock-solid business plan, trademarked everything she needs, and is beginning testing. How is she moving so fast?


In Jenny’s words – learn as you go!


Since becoming a Mama’s & Co. member, Jenny has been taking advantage of all of the resources available to her to get moving on her mission. So many of us have great ideas! Too often, we get stuck in an endless cycle of seeing how much more we have to learn and feeling the need to know everything before we can get started. Instead, Jenny decided to learn, implement, learn more, implement again, and keep the ball rolling.


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Cam & Leo's Emotion School

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