Episode #123: Money Mindset with Amber Lilyestrom

Apr 01, 2021

Does talking about money stress you out? If so, you’re not alone! Many (in fact, I’d say most) women struggle with accepting and promoting their value monetarily.


That’s why, this week, we’re chatting with Amber Lilyestrom – Branding Strategist, Business Coach, and Published Author – about your money mindset. Amber has some great insights on how to reframe and take control of your personal narrative around money.


If you take one thing away from this episode, it’s this: money is not, and never will be, reflective of your worthiness. In fact, Amber wants us to do away with the idea of worthiness altogether! If we can simply view money as an exchange system, it takes away a lot of the fear surrounding it.


Amber and I discuss where a lot of this fear comes from, and how we claim a story of money that is not truly our own. Mastering this mindset is going to help you conquer money conversations in your business, and help you create a mentality of abundance.


If you loved this episode, great news! Amber Lilyestrom is one of the amazing speakers lined up for Business Bootcamp 2021. We’ll dive even deeper into how to use Amber’s practical strategies to bring more abundance into your life.


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