Episode #120: Why I Wrote My Book

Mar 11, 2021

This week, I look back over the highs and lows of the incredible experience of writing my book, Building a Joyful Business. I talk about why I decided to write the book, the challenges I faced in getting there, and how I went about the journey of getting it published.


Throughout my career, the most heartbreaking thing I’ve seen is women who have lost the 'joy' in their business. They get caught up in the day-to-day grind, and completely forget why they even started it in the first place. It’s been a joy to me to be able to help the women I’ve worked with get back into their groove, but I realize that coaching is cost-prohibitive to a lot of new business owners. Building a Joyful Business is a way for me to reach and help more women find their love for their business again.


Of course, writing a book isn’t easy! Even getting started was a challenge. I felt so inadequate compared to the business gurus I look up to. The Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing, and I had almost convinced myself to wait – until I realized, I was in exactly the same cycle that I teach other women how to get out of. I was spending all of my time caring for other people – my clients, my kids, my family – that I had moved away from the joy and into survival mode. It was at that moment I realized that my expertise, my ability to bring back joy, was exactly what we need right now.


On the way to getting my book published, there was a mountain of decisions to make. Should I publish it in the traditional way, or self-publish? Who do I trust to get the details of this right? I really had to commit hours at a time to writing, which is hard when it means turning down coaching clients! In the end, though, the commitment I made to write the book was so worth it when I got to the end product.


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