Episode #12: Getting Media Attention for your Business with Jennifer Singh

Mar 21, 2019

Jen and I talk about how there’s not enough representation of females in media, she would like to help to amplify the female voice, and there’s no time like right now with everything that’s happening in the world. Her number 1 mission? To help women amplify voice and be their authentic self. 

Jennifer Singh is a TV reporter turned Media Coach. She works exclusively with women entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them get media exposure for their products and services.

Jennifer started working as a reporter at the age of 18, at CTV in Scarborough. She explains how as a general assignment reporter any story can be thrown at you at any time.  It teaches you to be very agile, being able to turn nothing into something.  Often, she would go to an assignment that she knew nothing about, then have to quickly turn it into news.  She knew that being a reporter was not something that she wanted to do for her whole life, in the back of her mind she knew she would make a shift at some point in her life. 

She is the expert at helping female business owners pitch their business to the media, her clients routinely get on radio and television and are invited to podcasts. Jen’s clients have been featured on The Social, Global News, CP24 Breakfast Television, CBC Metro Morning (radio show), and CTV News.  Many of the small business owners she’s worked with didn’t know where to start or knew the full power of media.

With her history as a reporter, Jen has become so in tune with what the media wants, she is able to pitch the story to the right news cycle, she often knows what topics are trending, she uses this as a tool for writing her pitch. Everyone has a story to tell; you just need to know how to figure out how to connect it to the news cycle.

Should we be using our media features as our content?  Yes!  We should be sharing the audio clips and videos as content to help us grow our brand and build our credibility online!  This exposure acts as double duty; do one interview then share it on multiple social media platforms.

Traditional media sources were radio, TV, and print.  Modern media is now social media; our audience is not always able to tune in live, which is why sharing it on social media has become so important.  A client of Jenn’s had an interview with CTV, which CTV then shared on their FB page; the video was viewed over 10k times in 3 days. 

Getting into the media isn’t as hard as people think it is!

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