Episode #111: How to Pivot Online with Supriya Mehra

Jan 07, 2021

This week, I interview Supriya Mehra, an event producer and business strategist who has been running her business since 2009. We discuss how she was able to pivot her business from an old-school event focus to a more modern and online structure.


Supriya quit her lucrative, corporate career in 2016 to fully commit to her entrepreneurship dreams. Since then, her work as an event producer had kept her busy – until, of course, the Covid-19 pandemic struck, making events, as we used to know them, impossible.


Supriya and I discuss how she was able to continue her reduced events business while also beginning a new online community and launching her first webinar. The key idea? Delegating!


This episode dives deep into our ability to let some things go and embrace the perfectly imperfect nature of any first attempt. There’s never a perfect moment to start, and the more we see the beauty in “starting small”, the more we empower ourselves to get started at all.


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Supriya Mehra

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