Episode #109: Celebrating Our 2020 Wins

Dec 24, 2020

I know, I know… 2020 has been a year and a half! Some of you might not even want to think back on this past year, but please, I urge you to join me in this exercise. I’ve also done this as a video (the link is below) so it’ll feel like we’re having a real live coaching session.


Together, in this episode, you and I will celebrate your wins. I’ll ask you to grab a pen and notebook for this one because I want you to see how much you really have achieved.


As I ask the questions, we’re going to reflect on all the things that went really well – GREAT in fact. We’re going to revisit both personal and business wins. Things that you’re proud of. Milestones hit. Releasing those things that weren’t serving you, and realizations of what can be done even when it seems impossible.


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