Episode #106: Progress Over Perfection

Dec 03, 2020

Every entrepreneur struggles with the concept of progress over perfection. That things need to be done a certain way and look a certain way before it can be considered ‘ready for public consumption’.

In this episode, I asked a few of my A-Players to join me to talk about the progress they’ve experienced in the first 50 days of their 90-day group coaching program without letting ‘perfection’ stop them.

Jennifer Kapedani, Emily MacLellan, and Tiana Fech share the clarity they experienced, the ‘permission’ they gave themselves, the wins they earned, and the ah-ha moments that helped them make huge strides in their respective businesses.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be coached by me? Well, here’s your chance for a glimpse into an A-Player session.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Jennifer Kapedani, CPA @jkapedanicpa

Emily MacLellan, Evyrose Design @evyrosedesignco

Tiana Fech, The Part-Time Jungle Podcast

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