Episode #104: Charging What You're Worth with Chrissy Kelleher

Nov 19, 2020

In this episode I chat with one of my amazing A-Players, Chrissy Kelleher. We talk about her shift from ‘side-hustle’ to going ‘all-in’ on her business.


Chrissy’s journey to full-time entrepreneurship began with mindset. She tells us about her process of determining her rates, making a plan to reach her goals, and the intentions she now has for her business.


The story of when the recognition of her calling, her boundaries, and the alignment of being paid accordingly to create what success means for her on all terms is not unique but always inspiring.


Links mentioned in this podcast:

Kindling Strategic 

Follow Chrissy on Instagram @kindlingstrategic

Cindy Wagman, The Good Partnership 

A-Players Group Coaching Program 


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