Episode #103: Growth Despite Setbacks with Melanie Tapson

Nov 12, 2020

Still riding the ‘high’ from an incredible day hosting our MamaCon conference, I brought our 2020 Mamapreneur Fund grand prize winner, Melanie Tapson, in for our Morning Coaching call in the Mamas & Co. forum.

You’ll hear about her struggles, both personal and professional, and what she did to keep moving and growing through the challenges that the pandemic handed her.

Melanie’s resilience and innovation are inspiring; adjusting and creating new programs to better serve her clients, and her colleagues who – as we all know – were also being thrown a curve ball.

My favourite Melanie quote from our chat:
“Perfect is wherever you are in the moment. Whatever you’re about to create is perfectly what you need right now and it’s perfectly what needs to be out there.”

And if you loved this episode, you’ll want to jump in and join our upcoming free trial on November 16th. This is your chance to connect with other mama entrepreneurs and experience the camaraderie that this community brings – you might even get to e-meet Melanie.  ;)

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